Who is Kristjan?

Unstoppable athlete

When he decides to do something, he will not stop before it is achieved. 

Becoming a trainer

 Education : 

Tartu Ülikool, Tartu, Estonia

Studying Bachelor Physical Education and Sport

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Kristjan's background lies in many years different sports like acrobatics, streetworkout and parkour. Started slacklining 4 years ago and trickline is the priority, specially parallel-lining and also practises a lot waterlining and highlining. Kristjan says: ''Love slacklining because you can do every trick you have ever imagined and be creative''


Have taken part of many slackline competitions:

2017 Estonian Slackline Masters 1st place

2017 Slackline Tandem Competition with Tauri Vahesaar - 2nd place

2016 ATA worldwide combo jam .

2015  RedBull Airlines Wildcard competition 3rd place

2014 King of Slackline


''Biggest competition so far have been Tandem Slackline Competition with Tauri Vahesaar in Brazil Globo TV''

Tandem Slackline in Brasil TV

Kristjan and Tauri got II place in Globo Tv Slackline Tandem competition

Slackline show at Ahhaa center

Slackline performance by Kristjan

Slackline showreel by Kristjan Kullamaa

Slackline workshop in Estonia by Tauri & Kristjan

Slackline 'One Man Show'

How to disturb a vollyball match with slackline